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Hey you,

Blogging….it’s a bit weird. You think as an introvert, I’d be pretty used to talking to myself, but still, I think this will take some getting used to.



Anyway, Hello you! Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me. Honestly, I’m not sure where this blog is going to go. Mostly a behind the scenes of Stitches & Stars, with some getting to know me thrown in I think.


I’m Jess, I’m 34, living in Nottingham with my husband/best friend Mark & our Pug/Boston cross Elvis. By day I work for the council, and I run Stitches & Stars in my free time. I think my favourite thing about me is my imagination, although sometimes it’s hard to escape my own head, it’s generally a cool place to be. I don’t like being photographed or stepping out my comfort zone, but these are things that I’m working on.

I love horror movies, make up, toys and singing along badly to pop punk. I struggle with anxiety and overthinking, I get distracted and sometimes life feels so overwhelming that I can’t deal with it and I hide. But still, I’m working on it.

Last year I restarted Stitches & Stars after a really long break, and I’m so happy I did. Being creative is a huge part of me, and Stitches gives me a focus and purpose. Life can be tough, and we can all use some cheer and encouragement sometimes. Through my work I try to convey positive thinking and a cheeky sense of humour.


Over the next few blogs, I’ll post an overview of last year, and look at hopes & goals for this year. So bye for now, thank you so much for stopping by & hopefully see you again soon!





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