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V is for Vegan ❤️🌱

After a little break, it’s back to blogging! The first few weeks of January are always a slow time for me. I think it’s a combination of tiredness after all the festive excitement, taking stock of the year just gone and thinking about the year ahead. Last year was pretty full on, so now that I’m settled into my new home, I can plan for 2018.

On January first I signed up for Veganuary. Although I took part in it last year, I soon fell back into my old diet, but it just didn’t sit right with me and deep down I knew it wasn’t how I wanted to live. So staying positive, I’m feeling a lot more involved with it this year. Even though my brother Matt has been vegetarian for 20+ years, veganism is new to us all. My parents have shown real interest, Pa is keen to learn what products are vegan, and Ma has been busy finding new recipes to try when I visit ☺️ My favourite of them so far has been a delicious bean chilli!

My best friend Hana has taken the challenge too, so it’s really nice to have someone to talk to & explore new places to eat and recipes to try. My boyfriend Ste is a bit of a foodie, so he’s more than happy to try new vegan eats with me and suggest recipes. So far Linda McCartney sausage rolls have impressed him the most 👌🏻 He also added a soya milk wash to them before cooking and it made them even more perfect!

Personally, I’ve found the most effective way to encourage a vegan change is through kindness and sharing recipes and advice. Some of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram are @floralfrosting, @sweetseitan and @canterburyvegan. They all post amazing looking food and promote veganism in a lovely way. The Vegan Kind, Fat Gay Vegan and @accidentallyvegan are also really inspiring and useful resources. Don’t get me wrong, I’m such a newbie, but these have really helped me.

I’m always happy to talk about my experience so far, and I’m definitely up for any advice or recommendations to help me on my vegan adventure! I’d also love to hear about your vegan experiences too, so feel free to share ☺️


1 thought on “V is for Vegan ❤️🌱”

  1. I was vegetarian for 20 years before switching to a vegan diet – was a whole different ball game! A year on and I am still finding out things about being a vegan, new things to try/make. Don’t think I really follow many vegans on instagram…will have a look and let you know. Off to investigate the links you shared now…

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