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New Year Revolution

It’s that time of year, New Year, New you! Social media is torn between people proclaiming their new year resolutions or defiantly stating that they’ll stay exactly the same! Both veer to extremes and neither are really that helpful.
New Years resolutions are often cliches, diet and fitness seem to be super popular, as do things like travel more, try new things, be more social/brave/adventurous. Not that these aren’t worthwhile doing, but it’s important to consider the reasons why you want to do these things. Are you dieting because you over indulged over Christmas? Or because we live in a pressured diet culture that’s body shaming you? Are you focusing on losing weight over being kind to your body?
This morning I had a Slimming World flyer posted through my door. With the header ‘Be slim for life’, I can’t lie, it pissed me off! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be slim, but it’s not a key to happiness or a way of life! Surely eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising and taking care of yourself should be the focus. Besides, slim is not the only healthy!
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Looking forward.


Everything in my life has brought me to where I am now. Every decision, every step, every chance I took, and even those I didn’t. That’s not to say it’s fate, I fully believe that we write our own stories.

I used to spend so much time beating myself up for bad decisions. I let regret take over and wallowed in it. I think we all have parts of our past we look back on and wince at, it’s only normal to make mistakes. But it’s important to acknowledge them, and even be grateful for them! Treat them as lessons leant and make use of them. If you can see the positive in them, they go from having power over you, to giving you power.


Something wicked this way comes….

So, how have you been?

I’m good thanks, I know it’s been quiet here, but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes….well, mostly in my brain, but still! 😅 I’m still trying to be vegan, and taking life back to basics in general. I’m focusing on self care & spring cleaning my life, nesting in my new home (it still feels weird to own it even now). I still don’t know what to do about the business… I still feel disconnected from it, but I’m slowly being creative again, so I know Stitches & Stars will continue, just not right now.

The blog is going to be more of an alternative lifestyle blog for now, so if you’re interested in spooky aesthetics, witchcraft, tarot, feminism, toys & general nerding out, great! If not, well…this is kinda awkward 😅


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V is for Vegan ❤️🌱

After a little break, it’s back to blogging! The first few weeks of January are always a slow time for me. I think it’s a combination of tiredness after all the festive excitement, taking stock of the year just gone and thinking about the year ahead. Last year was pretty full on, so now that I’m settled into my new home, I can plan for 2018.

On January first I signed up for Veganuary. Although I took part in it last year, I soon fell back into my old diet, but it just didn’t sit right with me and deep down I knew it wasn’t how I wanted to live. So staying positive, I’m feeling a lot more involved with it this year. Even though my brother Matt has been vegetarian for 20+ years, veganism is new to us all. My parents have shown real interest, Pa is keen to learn what products are vegan, and Ma has been busy finding new recipes to try when I visit ☺️ My favourite of them so far has been a delicious bean chilli!

My best friend Hana has taken the challenge too, so it’s really nice to have someone to talk to & explore new places to eat and recipes to try. My boyfriend Ste is a bit of a foodie, so he’s more than happy to try new vegan eats with me and suggest recipes. So far Linda McCartney sausage rolls have impressed him the most 👌🏻 He also added a soya milk wash to them before cooking and it made them even more perfect!

Personally, I’ve found the most effective way to encourage a vegan change is through kindness and sharing recipes and advice. Some of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram are @floralfrosting, @sweetseitan and @canterburyvegan. They all post amazing looking food and promote veganism in a lovely way. The Vegan Kind, Fat Gay Vegan and @accidentallyvegan are also really inspiring and useful resources. Don’t get me wrong, I’m such a newbie, but these have really helped me.

I’m always happy to talk about my experience so far, and I’m definitely up for any advice or recommendations to help me on my vegan adventure! I’d also love to hear about your vegan experiences too, so feel free to share ☺️

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Hello 2018!


Crikey, where does the time go?! Today is the first day of 2018 and I still can’t get over how much everything has changed in a short time! This year is the first time in really…well ever, that I’ve found my own confidence, and I’ve felt as happy and as peaceful as I do.

So for this year it is really important for me to stay motivated and live the good life.  I want to cut back on material things and declutter, keep being creative, spend time with my people and find the magic in every day. 🙂

Since we all know I love a good list, I thought it’d be neat to make one of goals, priorities and things to do…although, like me, it’s a work in progress!

  • Keep being brave.
  • Make time for self care.
  • Do yoga/pilates regularly.
  • Be more vegan
  • Cook more.
  • Restart Stitches & Stars (and rebrand!).
  • Read 36 books.
  • Watch 52 films.
  • Get the spare room/studio sorted.
  • Listen to more music.
  • Create for fun – not just for the business.
  • Make my house a home – well, more so!
  • Spend time with the people that matter.

I know, I know…exercise, eating better…not groundbreaking goals for New Years’ resolutions but then I guess you can’t beat the classics! For me they are also tied into self care and my mental health. It’s a catch 22, when they fall by the wayside, I know I’m struggling…but when I’m struggling, its so hard to look after myself. However, I can only do my best, and that’s what I plan to spend 2018 doing! So no more beating myself up, avoiding issues or putting up with shit. 2017 has shown me that I’m stronger than I ever thought possible, and that I have so many ridiculously lovely people in my life, so I’m all set.

I really hope 2018 is kind to everybody.

Much love, Jess x