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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.


With tomorrow’s full moon, this is a great time to release fears, banish negative forces and overcome obstacles.

In light of this; ask yourself the following;
What is holding you back or keeping you stuck? How can you release yourself?

Thinking over the last 6 months, what have you done or created that has made you happy or proud? How can you celebrate and show gratitude?

This is also an emotional time, buried feelings may come to light. But don‘t lash out or act on instinct, these need to be considered and worked through. Process, but don’t react without getting your emotions in check! Take some deep breaths and carefully think through your issues and options.

Sometimes you need to let go and move on – not all things are meant to be forever. If something has served you in the past, say thank you and let it go. If it has had more of a detrimental or negative effect, think of the positives that you can take from it. Use it to make you stronger and learn from the experience. But don’t dwell on the past, stay connected to the present and focus on the future.

Garnet can balance your mind and emotions. It will help you shrug off outdated ways of thinking and old habits that harm rather than help. What a perfect crystal for this time!



Smear Campaign.

I know this is a subject some people don’t want to think about, or find embarrassing or grim to talk about, but really? It’s so important!

Without realising it, I booked my smear test on Monday, the first day of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week! Guess I’m on trend without even trying 😅 Yes, it’s weird to get half naked in front of a stranger, and even weirder to make small talk while they do the test, but it’s a few minutes of your day, and can make such a difference to your future! I know it can be uncomfortable and even slightly painful, but it really is for the greater good. So please, look after yourself and take advantage of the NHS and the free service they offer. If you need to, bribe yourself and get yourself a treat once it’s done, that always works for me!

What happens during a Smear test.

Look after yourselves lovelies xx

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A fresh start…

…and I don’t just mean blog wise!

So much has changed since I last blogged. I’m both not the same person and on the other hand, more me, more certain than I’ve ever been.

I’ve been signed off work for 2 months with anxiety and depression, I went through CBT, I (well we, it was mutual) decided to separate (and then get divorced). I moved house. To put it mildly, it’s been exhausting. But its also been liberating, and exciting. Yes, there’s been low patches, and tears, and more than a few panic attacks. There’s been days of muddling through in a zombie like fog. But then there’s been laughter, as in so much it makes me cry (happy tears!). There’s been support, I am surrounded by so many fantastic people, and feel so chuffing lucky to have the friends & family that I do. And there’s been strength. I am so much stronger than I thought, and again this is partly (a big part) down to the support!

But what I’ve gone through isn’t easy. Sitting down with people you know and telling them you’re depressed, that you’re getting divorced is a test in itself. Admitting it to yourself is the worst and trickiest bit. But I did it, and I did it while focusing on the good, looking on the bright side, taking the piss and having a laugh. Yeah, I know I’m tooting my own horn here, but fuck it I deserve it!

So while the business takes a back seat and gets rebranded and relaunched next year, I’m going to blog. Stitches & Stars has always been about spreading good vibes, but now I really have focus and a stronger understanding of that. So thank you so much for reading this, and for still being on team Stitches. Your support really means the world to me, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for us.

Much love,