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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.


With tomorrow’s full moon, this is a great time to release fears, banish negative forces and overcome obstacles.

In light of this; ask yourself the following;
What is holding you back or keeping you stuck? How can you release yourself?

Thinking over the last 6 months, what have you done or created that has made you happy or proud? How can you celebrate and show gratitude?

This is also an emotional time, buried feelings may come to light. But don‘t lash out or act on instinct, these need to be considered and worked through. Process, but don’t react without getting your emotions in check! Take some deep breaths and carefully think through your issues and options.

Sometimes you need to let go and move on – not all things are meant to be forever. If something has served you in the past, say thank you and let it go. If it has had more of a detrimental or negative effect, think of the positives that you can take from it. Use it to make you stronger and learn from the experience. But don’t dwell on the past, stay connected to the present and focus on the future.

Garnet can balance your mind and emotions. It will help you shrug off outdated ways of thinking and old habits that harm rather than help. What a perfect crystal for this time!



Witchcraft, and Magic, and Tarot! Oh my!


{traveling witch figure created by the wonderful Jon Carling}

I’m a witch. I believe in, and practice witchcraft. That’s not to mean I cast love spells and hexes. I believe that magic is using energy to create change.

Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten.’

Scott Cunningham – Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.

Ever since I remember, I’ve used and loved rituals and traditions. Although she doesn’t identify as a witch, my Ma has always been a kitchen witch. She puts everything into her cooking and baking, creating her magic to look after and nurture us. Growing up, she used herbal remedies to make us feel better, even creating her own recipes and rhymes to sooth us.

My family also encouraged me to make the most of my imagination, to get outside and appreciate nature. I might have been (and still kinda am) an introvert, but I still held my own beliefs, which often made me feel like an outsider. I’m happiest when I trust and follow my instincts, and can weave magic into my everyday life.

Talking about it is still new to me. I’ve had mixed reactions; blank looks, raised eyebrows, sneers, smirks and even chuckles. But, I’ve also had genuine interest, encouragement and support.

So I’m coming out of the broom closest and ready to be open and talk about all things witchy. It’s still a learning curve and I will always be a work in progress, but then again, who isn’t!