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New Year Revolution

It’s that time of year, New Year, New you! Social media is torn between people proclaiming their new year resolutions or defiantly stating that they’ll stay exactly the same! Both veer to extremes and neither are really that helpful.
New Years resolutions are often cliches, diet and fitness seem to be super popular, as do things like travel more, try new things, be more social/brave/adventurous. Not that these aren’t worthwhile doing, but it’s important to consider the reasons why you want to do these things. Are you dieting because you over indulged over Christmas? Or because we live in a pressured diet culture that’s body shaming you? Are you focusing on losing weight over being kind to your body?
This morning I had a Slimming World flyer posted through my door. With the header ‘Be slim for life’, I can’t lie, it pissed me off! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be slim, but it’s not a key to happiness or a way of life! Surely eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising and taking care of yourself should be the focus. Besides, slim is not the only healthy!

Witchcraft, and Magic, and Tarot! Oh my!


{traveling witch figure created by the wonderful Jon Carling}

I’m a witch. I believe in, and practice witchcraft. That’s not to mean I cast love spells and hexes. I believe that magic is using energy to create change.

Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten.’

Scott Cunningham – Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.

Ever since I remember, I’ve used and loved rituals and traditions. Although she doesn’t identify as a witch, my Ma has always been a kitchen witch. She puts everything into her cooking and baking, creating her magic to look after and nurture us. Growing up, she used herbal remedies to make us feel better, even creating her own recipes and rhymes to sooth us.

My family also encouraged me to make the most of my imagination, to get outside and appreciate nature. I might have been (and still kinda am) an introvert, but I still held my own beliefs, which often made me feel like an outsider. I’m happiest when I trust and follow my instincts, and can weave magic into my everyday life.

Talking about it is still new to me. I’ve had mixed reactions; blank looks, raised eyebrows, sneers, smirks and even chuckles. But, I’ve also had genuine interest, encouragement and support.

So I’m coming out of the broom closest and ready to be open and talk about all things witchy. It’s still a learning curve and I will always be a work in progress, but then again, who isn’t!