Smear Campaign.

I know this is a subject some people don’t want to think about, or find embarrassing or grim to talk about, but really? It’s so important!

Without realising it, I booked my smear test on Monday, the first day of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week! Guess I’m on trend without even trying 😅 Yes, it’s weird to get half naked in front of a stranger, and even weirder to make small talk while they do the test, but it’s a few minutes of your day, and can make such a difference to your future! I know it can be uncomfortable and even slightly painful, but it really is for the greater good. So please, look after yourself and take advantage of the NHS and the free service they offer. If you need to, bribe yourself and get yourself a treat once it’s done, that always works for me!

What happens during a Smear test.

Look after yourselves lovelies xx


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